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A single dose of this vaccine has reduced deaths by 80 percent in England with a special relationship in India.

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Amidst all this negativity, the news of good and relief from Britain comes at a time when the situation in Corona is increasing around the world.] Also a year later in England when not a new case of Corona was revealed.

Britain, which is several steps ahead of other countries in vaccinating older citizens around the world, has started beating Corona. And the results of the survey conducted by Britain are also shocking for India. Actual data, based on an analysis by Britain’s Public Health England, show that a single dose of the Oxford and AstraZeneca corona vaccine alone has led to an 80% reduction in corona deaths. That is, a single dose reduces the risk of death by 80 percent. While the risk of death from two doses is 97 percent.
The same vaccine from AstraZeneca and Oxford is being given to people in India under the name Covishield. That is, given the UK survey, increasing immunization in India will reduce the risk of death. The UK has a population of 18 million and one in three people have been vaccinated against Corona. It has also caused a steep decline in the number of infections in the UK, hospital admissions and deaths.

Britain verified the documents of 50,000 people before releasing the figure. Between December 2020 and April 2021, 13 percent of those who tested positive received a single dose of Pfizer and 8 percent a dose of AstraZeneca, and Tana found that a single dose of the vaccine reduced the number of deaths by 80 percent. In addition, there has been a decline in hospitalization. At a time when a large number of people in India are being vaccinated against Covishield, the UK survey expects that as immunization increases in India, hospitalization and mortality will increase and India will increase like Britain. Coron will also be able to breathe the vaccine.

The falling deaths are further evidence that vaccination is killing Corona in Britain. 10 months later, the day arrived in Britain when no one died from Corona. This is the first time such a day has been seen in England since July last year. The UK reported 2357 corona cases and 4 deaths on Monday, while England, Scotland and Northern Ireland were states where there was not a single death.

British medical officials also say that the vaccine is helping to defeat the virus. In the United Kingdom, the level of alerts has also been reduced from 4 to 3. Britain, which has lost more than 44 lakh 50 thousand infections and 27 thousand 865 people due to corona, is now dependent on vaccines. At that time, Britain is raising an optimism across the world, including India.

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