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Brothers protest against PSI recruitment By Bhavangar

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Join this telegram link if the brothers are fully prepared to agitate against the recruitment of PSI.

  1. Qualify in 25 minutes .All qualified candidates are eligible for the preliminary test. According to the new rules of the Police Recruitment Board, only 15 candidates are eligible for the preliminary test.

2. Eligible candidates for recruitment (students who have not completed 21 years of age, who do not have a bachelor’s degree) will also apply, who can take the Physical, Prelim and Main Exam and pass the recruitment process.

3. Due to Corona’s tenure, the final year examination of graduation is not conducted by the system at present. So we demand that those students be allowed to qualify for recruitment on the basis of last semester.

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4. There is a strong demand from every candidate that the recruitment process for P.S.I-2021 should be done in accordance with the P.S.I recruitment rules made in the year 2017-18.

5. How often can a reservation be applied in an examination?

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