Link Your Mobile Number From Aadhaar In Easy Steps From Home easy way 20-21

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Link Your Mobile Number From Aadhaar In Easy Steps From Home easy way 20-21.

Now it has become mandatory to add mobile phone number from Aadhaar as per the instructions of the government.Now you can do this work sitting at home very easily.With the advent of IVR process,this process has now become much easier.All you have to do is call 14546 from any mobile phone and Aadhaar number will be linked to your mobile.Digital India has given information about this from its official Twitter handle. Let’s tell you about this process.

Link Your Mobile Number From Aadhaar In Easy Steps From Home
Before calling 14546,make sure that you have your Aadhar card and mobile number to generate OTP.While Airtel,Idea and Vodafone have already activated the IVR service,Jio and BSNL will also activate this service soon.Let us tell you what you need to do for Aadhaar re-verification under IVR process.

Link Mobile Number To Aadhaar In These Easy Steps:
First call 14546 from your mobile number.
After this you will be asked whether you are an Indian citizen or an NRI.Select your option. After that you will be asked about consent to link the mobile number to the Aadhaar card.After pressing 1,your consent will be accepted.
After this process you will have to provide a 12-digit Aadhaar number and press 1 again.

If you have entered the wrong Aadhaar number then you will also get another option.After this an OTP i.e. one time password will be generated which will come on your mobile.
After this,your mobile number will be asked under the IVR process.After this, you have to give name,photo,date of birth, etc.to your mobile operator.
After this IVR will read the last four digits of your mobile number and will ask you to confirm this number again.After getting your confirmation,you will enter the OTP that came via SMS.
After entering OTP you have to press 1.After this process will be completed and your mobile number will be linked to Aadhaar.IVR will inform you that the re-verification of the Aadhaar based mobile number has been successfully completed.After the process is complete, you will get a message.
Link Aadhaar Number to PAN Card in easy and simple way from your mobile in free.

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