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Matdan na bija divas ne on-duty ganvi – letest latter

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Matdan na bija divas ne on-duty ganvi – letest latter The state’s primary teachers and other staff play a good role in the election process.Most of the primary school teachers are involved in this election process.And they do the election work assigned to them very well.

And thus in the electoral process most of the teachers are appointed on election duty . Thus the employees involved in the election process have to go through a lot of operations.

But an important and happy news for the staff involved in the election process is the news that a circular has been issued by the Election Office.It is mentioned in this circular that those who are on duty in the election process should be considered on duty after the election i.e. the next day and they should be considered as one thousand on duty.

In the state of Gujarat, education from standard 1 to 8 is called primary education. Primary schools are located in almost all the villages. In which there are schools for education from Std. 1 to 8, class schools for Std. 1 to 8 as well as girls schools for girls education. These schools are mostly run by the district panchayat in rural areas, while in urban areas these schools are run by the municipality. Some schools also teach subjects like spinning, agriculture as industry education. In many places, primary schools are also run by private trusts or institutions. Some primary schools are also run in English and other language mediums.

In order to provide adequate nutrition to the children, a scheme called mid-day meal is run in the primary schools, in which the children are given food in the afternoon recess.

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