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Good Old Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the best puzzle for all jigsaw puzzles loversHello Baldosto,

Waiting a long time ….. right …?
But now the end of your curiosity is near. You will be given the riddle soon.

Also get to know its rules.
Rules: –

[1] An enigma will be placed in this section every Thursday from 8 to 10 p.m.
[2] If the holiday is on a return day, the riddle will end at the same time on Friday instead of Thursday.
[3] The solution to this puzzle is to put your name, standard, date and GR in a piece of paper. With number.

The answer will have to be written by writing a riddle
4] You must place this reply letter in the box designated at the school on the day of return.
[5] The correct answer to this riddle will be posted on the website by 12 noon today.

[6] If possible, the names of each of the correct answering children will be posted on the website.
[7] One riddle every Thursday Will be broadcast.
[8] The children who answered correctly in the riddle aired throughout the year
[2] If there is more than one student friend name for any number, the winner will be announced by drawing Will come.

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