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New rules soon – week in Holidays

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New rules soon – week in Holidays New Job Code: Only 4 days work will be done in a week! The remaining 3 days holiday, the government is going to bring new rules soon

New Delhi: New Job Code: In the coming days you may have to work only 4 days a week. The Ministry of Labor is preparing to make the working hours flexible for the employees. In which employees will have to work for 48 hours a week. The final rules on this can be notified soon. Right now all companies have to work 6 days a week and 8 hours daily so that they can meet the target of 48 hours a week. After this, there is a leave of 1 day in a week.

Union Labor Secretary Apoorva Chandra said on Monday that the limit for employees to work only for a maximum of 48 hours a week will be made flexible. That is, if an employee works for 12 hours a day and 48 hours in four days a week, then he can be discharged for the remaining three days. Meaning that the employee will not be required to work for 5 days or 6 days a week, although companies should also agree with the employee for this.

Companies will be able to fix their own working hours

Now if a company wants to reduce the week in Holidays hours in a week, then it has to get the approval of the government. Right now there is a rule of 48 hours for 6 working days a week. That is to work 8 hours a day. Union Labor Secretary Apoorva Chandra said that many kinds of concerns were raised about extending the working hours to 12 hours. We took these concerns seriously and gave companies the flexibility to change their working days in a week according to their own.

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