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Pataa – Address Made Simple

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Pataa is a unique app that simplifies your long and complex address into short and exclusive custom code. Based on location intelligence, Pataa makes your address easy to search, locate, navigate and share. Simply select a 3 x 3 meter block on the digital map to mark the exact address location. Also, you can record audio in your voice or use text-to-speech to guide the navigation.

Pataa, the address solution provider guides you to your destination in a seamless manner. The sleek user interface shows detailed views of locations and addresses you want to reach. Pataa optimizes commuting time, navigation and last-mile delivery in a hassle-free manner. With this App, you can reduce your travel time, minimize fuel cost and explore places easily. The app offers Voiced instructions, road information and navigation.

Download the Pataa app and guide others easily!

The Pataa App Benefits:

1. An exclusive code for each address: Get an exclusive & customized shortcode for your long & complex address

2. Accurate & precise address: Select a 3 x 3-meter block on the digital map and mark the exact address location

3. Route guides for fast navigation: Record audio in your voice or use text-to-speech and Add photos of your place to guide & navigate the visitors

4. Easy marking of landmarks: Mark landmarks that are close by to help locate your address easily

Easy address sharing: Share your complete address with just a single tap

5. With one address get multiple extensions: Add extensions for family members or colleagues who share the same address

6. Remarks for more information: Include remarks that provide helpful instructions, details or tips to find the address

7. Live location tracking of visitor/guest/delivery persons: Get real-time GPS navigation of the persons who are searching for your address

8. Magic of QR codes: Embed QR codes in business cards, digital address plates or vehicles to find out the location easily

9. Manage routes efficiently: Stay away from routes that are congested, blocked or out-of-service to save travel time

A unique feature of Pataa is that you can add extensions to shortcodes so that your family members or friends who are sharing the same address can use it.

Now, even if you are in a new place or want to search for an address, Pataa will ensure you’re not lost.

Download the Pataa app and enjoy the benefits of simplified address

The Pataa advantage

1. No more typing or explaining your address repeatedly

2. No more calling or asking for direction to locate the address

3. No more getting lost while commuting or when in a new place

4. No more difficulty in sharing your address with the delivery workforce

5. No more worries when waiting for visitors or guests

6. No more wasting time due to blocked or out-of-service routes

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