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Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Apps

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Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Apps: 30 minutes of running / walking every day (30 minutes of running or walking every day) helps you stay fit.

Experts believe that there are many benefits to your body by reducing weight by walking or running. like,

  • Heart health remains right
  • blood pressure remains normal
  • keeps cholesterol under control
  • Helpful in boosting energy
  • Effective in fighting stress and depression
  • strengthens the lungs and bones
  • Joint strength-stability also increases

e.t.c. Running burns a lot of calories and the heart rate becomes high. Some people can’t decide how much running they should do.


But now technology has made it easy. For this, you can download all types of running apps in mobile. These will help you track your running/walk.

These mobile apps are available for both Android and iPhone users. If you are also confused about the running app, then download any of the running tracking apps given below.

Google Fit App Download for Android :

It’s hard to know what kind of activity you need to stay healthy. Google Fit has teamed up with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to create an app to track heart points and activity goals. It helps to keep you healthy.

With Google Fit, you can track fitness tracking as well as other activities. It has got a rating of 3.9 on Android and 4.3 on iOS.

Conclusion: Apart from this, you can also download Running Distance Tracker, Running App – Tracker with GPS, Running Map (Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running).

They can also help you track your fitness activity. After all, if you also want to track running or fitness, then download these mobile apps.

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